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Hill Harris Go - Video Shoot

When recording artist Hill Harris created an amazing song that was being used in promos for the popular Top Gear America (MotorTrend) show, he wanted to harness the momentum of the song with a music video that capture the essence and excitement of the song.    With promos already in play Hill Harris called upon Hit Your Mark Productions & Frame One Media to bring his concept of a single-shot, high-energy, cinematic vision to life.


The overall concept to be executed would end up including 7 locations, multiple cars, multiple motorcycles, a drone, numerous extras, set pieces and props; and the specific requirement that the entire shoot would need to take place in one day.  Working as the liaison to the artist during pre-production, and as the advance team to Frame One Media during production, both companies were able to deliver the final product to the client 4 weeks from conception.


With both companies having core beliefs that focus on assisting clients share their stories with the world through the vehicle that suits them best; having different approaches to the story telling process is why the collaborative relationship between Hit Your Mark Productions & Frame One Media worked so well on this project.

Photos from the event

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