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Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Who We Are

Hit Your Mark Productions

We are a Cleveland, Ohio based event design, execution, and consulting company servicing clients in all major cities within the United States.

We not only look at an event through your eyes, but also the eyes of your guests, photographer, and all the vendors that will be a part of your special day.

If you’re in need of assistance executing visions such as surprise engagements, corporate retreats, fundraising galas, promotional activities for VIP clients, weddings, or a major milestone life event, let our team be your team to help you create memories, not moments"  

Our Story

Hit Your Mark Productions

Our company was built to “help the helpers” create events that connect with people. Our work is meant to serve as an extension of our clients reach, allowing them to focus on other daily operations and tasks, while we work on building their vision by securing amazing local vendors to create their memorable experiences.

We strive to be more than just a full-service event design company as we look to embody the vision of our client, tap into the “why” of their vision, and execute their vision with the emotions they are looking to evoke top of mind. After matching our client with the right vendors and visual elements for an amazing event, our team likes to work in the shadows, so our client remains the focus and ultimately hits their mark.

Our Philosophy

Hit Your Mark Productions

Our belief is that events are not just celebrations but are visions of those with stories to tell. Events are conceived by a person who wants to express their vision of love, healing, appreciation, commitment, respect, or philanthropy to family, friends, or community.

The partnership between our clients and Hit Your Mark Productions exist to allow us to do the hard work and heavy lifting of the event so our clients can keep the most important element of their event top of mind…their guests.

Highlighting What Matters

Hit Your Mark Productions

This is not just a phrase for us, but the heartbeat of our company.

It is not always about the fancy linens or the expensive food spreads. In those times when an events vision and budget are at odds with each other, our team works closely with our clients to refocus their event on their “why” of the event to make sure we are both “Highlighting What Matters”.

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