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Cincinnati Cocktail Experience

When Hit Your Mark Productions is asked to show up for a client in a supporting role versus a lead role, we answer that call with the same enthusiasm as all the others.   Coming off a spectacular NBA All-star weekend, Hit Your Mark Productions was contracted by Republic National Distributing Company to serve as their liaison for an event in southern Ohio.


Our client wanted our team to evaluate and reimagine the event space in a way that highlighted their brand, their brand’s elements, and the event space, all in attempts to build brand affinity with their invited guests. 


Upon arriving to the venue in Cincinnati, various recommendations were made by Hit Your Mark Productions for the use of the space all in the spirit of enhancing the guest-experience and guest flow.  After all recommendations were adopted by the venue’s management team, we were able to provide four-touchpoints of brand engagement prior to guests directly engaging with the brand itself. 


We were honored for the opportunity to travel to another city to support the efforts of our client as they continue to create memorable environments for their customers and guests.

Photos from the event

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