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Candance Ferguson

"Through my desire to learn about the person behind the event creates, allows me to create an environment for my client to live in the space of a freethinker, allowing their thoughts to flow, and us creating an event that will be the talk of the town."

Chief Content Officer & Director of Event Design

More about me

As the owner/operator of the custom craft company, A Lady of Talents Custom Creations, I bring a cumulative 15+ years of administrative detail, event planning, and custom crafting to the team of Hit Your Mark Productions. 


My passion for people and my ability to think outside the box, allows me to create event specific décor that not only matches the vision of my clients, but also embodies their spirit as well.  I like to say that my event design process is rooted in my passion for people and genuinely working to discover who my clients are before designing for them.

While I may like to focus my talents on the more intimate events such as private baby showers, weddings, and life celebrations such as birthday parties; my end goal with any event is to always make my clients vision come to life, while making the process effortless for them.